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Equine sports massage is so under appreciated see more here

Level Gaits promotes a "Happy Horse" using massage techniques combined with Laura’s passion, experience & knowledge of horses to reduce their muscle fatigue, inflammation and tightness.


Equine Sports Massage 

As horses age or experience physical problems or injuries, their flexibility may be compromised.

Equine massage is positive as it can reduce muscle fatigue, inflammation, or tightness.

Through stretching and massage techniques, equine massage ensures correct muscle alignment and improves the elasticity of the muscles.


Customer Feedback

Our customer feedback helps us improved our services and making Happy Horses.

"Highly recommend Laura.. she came to my boy and he loved it.

Very professional service and answers all my questions.

Both my horse and I felt at ease with Laura, thank you so much." 


About Laura

Laura's love of horses is her great passion. She's always been around horses, from childhood and now today with her own horse barrel racing!

Laura BSc, (Equine Sport Science) is also a qualified equine sport massage therapist (Wolds Equine Sports Massage).  Laura is Professional member of IAAMB 


Typical Benefits of Massage

There are many benefits of  Regular Massage, just a few are:

- Increased range of      movement

- Increased muscle tone

- Reduction of stress

- Reduced Injury

- Improved posture app

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How to find us
Tel: +44 (0) 7980496440

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