............Equine Kinesio Taping...........
Equine Kinesiology taping on human athletes is all the rage: widely used by physical therapists, chiropractors, and personal trainers, we see it on Olympians, runners, basketball players-on amateurs and professionals. The idea behind taping is that it provides incredible support and stabilisation of ligaments and tendons while simultaneously stretching and flexing like a 'second skin' to allow full range of motion. It can also activate or relax muscles, depending on its application.

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I get asked these sort of questions a lot. Some horses have to have rugs on because of flies. So is it better to wet it down or not? What about dark horses? Do they get hotter? See the article by Dr David Marlin for a full run down on this topic and more - as shown below.

Here is a very simple demonstration. In physics and thermoregulation we use 15cm/6in diameter copper spheres painted black to approximate how the body reacts to air temperature and radiation from the sun. Inside the middle of each sphere is a temperature probe and this is connected to a datalogger. Each sphere is calibrated and "naked" they all behave the same. These spheres are the type used in the WBGT Index which we use to manage major events. The IOC use this for both human athletes and horses.

So this is what I did to each sphere

1) Left uncovered

2) Covered with WET WHITE cotton

3) Covered with WET BLACK cotton

4) Covered with DRY WHITE cotton

5) Covered with DRY BLACK cotton

The conditions when I was doing this were 36-37°C and 24-27 %RH with a naked globe temperature of around 52°C.


➡ DRY WHITE cotton keeps the sphere ~2-3°C COOLER than the naked sphere

➡ DRY BLACK cotton keeps the sphere 3-4°C WARMER

➡ WET WHITE & WET BLACK cotton drop the temperature by around 25°C (due to evaporation of water) over the first 20 min.

➡ WET WHITE is better over 60 min than WET BLACK.

➡ At 60 min WET WHITE is still around 10°C cooler than the naked sphere.


To keep your horse cool on hot days, don't use a sheet/rug at all. Spray your horse down every few hours.

If you have to use a sheet, ideally use a WHITE or light coloured lightweight sheet and wet it every 60-90 minutes during the hotter part of the day.


Post competition massage under way at barrel camp!
It’s definitely hard work being a barrel racing athlete!!! Willow has a bit of a niggle so Laura gave her some treatment.  
Remember this service is available to help aid recovery, movement of lactic acid and reduce fatigue
Check it out or give me a shout...


Meet Joshi......35 years young and going for the record of longevity.

Normally we are aiming for better performance but Joshi it’s all about his well being, to keep him comfortable and able to continue bossing his field buddy about!
sh to discuss more in depth 


............Equine Kinesio Taping...........
The idea behind taping is that it provides incredible support and stabilisation of ligaments and tendons while simultaneously stretching and flexing like a 'second skin' to allow full range of motion. It can also activate or relax muscles, depending on its application.
Our equine athletes can benefit hugely from taping:
Muscle * Lymphatic * Scar * Fascia * Space * Hematoma * Stabilization * Tendon
Give me a shout if you wish to discuss more in depth 


I am pleased to say that I am now a full Professional Member of IAAMB. This is part of my ongoing training and development to make your horse a "Happy Horse".


I’m super in love with this horse.....met “chubs” nearly ago year, he was tight, lacking top line and dragging his toes with heart bar shoes......today was a different story.....lovely topline, no tension and heart shoes. Credit to his owner @caitlynl96 hard


Another busy day and happy to finally meet Kara! As I met horses/ponies a while back but lockdown has hindered us.

Kara Arnold Equine
"Thank you so much Laura at Level Gaits - Equine Sports Massage, Relaxation & Rehabilitation for treating 3 of our Horses today i can’t wait to watch how much they improve in performance after this! You were great with them all and I can’t wait to see you again soon! "


Wonderful to get back out treating horses today! Even with the social distancing and extra cleaning, it was great to be out and about doing what I love. 


I have taken the Lockdown time to increase my knowledge on infection control and Covid 19. This training was on how to limit and reduce transmission as I look to re-open my diary. The training comes from the beauty industry but found many cross overs which I hope will help us all to remain safe.

I’m happy to discuss this further and will make individual arrangements once I re-start my visits.


I would just like to reassure my clients of the following;

I have not recently travelled to any of the infected areas.
I have not come in to contact with anyone that has travelled recently.
I wash my hands thoroughly before coming to treat your horses.
I sanitize my hands before and after treating your horses.
I take biosecurity very seriously, please repay the consideration by following the government guidelines regarding Corona virus.

If you are already booked in with me through the rest of March and early April, my intent is to still attend and treat your horses, please please update me as soon as possible if your situations change re safety to me or others..
Many thanks.


Has My Horse Got a Sore Back?

Every day, we ask our horses to perform tasks which put stress and strain on muscles really only ever designed to eat grass and roam at will. However, because horses are ‘prey’ animals they have cleverly developed to hide signs of pain and discomfort which may make them more vulnerable to a predator on the hunt for his next meal! So, to find out if your horse is uncomfortable, we need to look out for subtle signs. Do contact me for more information.


2020 sponsored rider result

Last year I started a competition for a lucky rider to become my Level Gaits 2020 sponsored rider. Thank you to all of you that entered the competition. The search showed me a wealth of talent.

I’m proud to announce that Kara Arnold Equine will be flying the Level Gaits flag in 2020. Please see more about Kara by viewing her facebook page follow the season ahead

Kara said “I am very pleased to be able to announce that i am lucky enough to be sponsored by Level Gaits - Equine Sports Massage, Relaxation & Rehabilitation I am very exited to see where this takes us and to work along side Laura at Level Gaits who will be able to help me achieve the very best i can out of my ponies! Thank you so much for the opportunity “ 

The hyoid.......many clients have seen me in action using a technique to help release......Go here to see more.................


My smallest client

Well my smallest client was happy to see me.......especially as I got her stable rug popped on to keep these muscles warm after I had treated her......cheeky (stubborn) little welsh pony.......loves a carrot 🥕 stretch........


An interesting read

After being familiarized with being ridden or lunged, a (young) horse in the trot may drop his neck very low, with his nose almost touching the sand. This usually happens when he is totally relaxed. A lot of criticism has been aimed at this position recently, and people claim it brings too much weight on the forehand, thus overtaxing the front limbs of the horse. However, when you come to think of it  .................


Sponsor News

Proud to sponsor this up and coming amazing sport ( Barrel Horse racing) in the UK. If you want have ago or interested please take a look at 4 Strides - Home of UKBHA - United Kingdom Barrel Horse Association

We are donating 2 post competition massages for 2 lucky horses worth £25 each as part of 4 Strides Christmas raffle which will be drawn at the Christmas social/awards afternoon on November 30th.


Watch Laura on making Ringa a Happy horse

See Laura, and her Happy horse (Ringa), where Laura shares Ringa’s background and how he became a Happy Horse. 


Winter is coming

Winter is coming......time to get those knots ironed out over the winter months to ensure that the spring you come out fighting fit! Happy to discuss and work with you to create a plan that is suitable for you and your horse - A happy horse beings with levelgaits


The lovely ‘H’ enjoying a post competition massage 

Jacqui Smith treated him to a relaxing massage which promoted the lactic acid to move from the muscles to help reduce stiffness the following day.

This massage was completed at the venue allowing him to unwind and de stress before going home!!

We are donating 2 post competition massages for 2 lucky horses worth £25 each as part of 4 Strides Christmas raffle which will be drawn at the Christmas social/awards afternoon on November 30th.


Horse skeletons growth

Read this as it was a hot topic at barrels yesterday, think it clearly shows the growth of the 🐎  I love this image...

It shows just how vulnerable the young horses’ skeleton is.

Look how long it takes for the lower jaw & poll to mature.

We put bits in young mouths & in some cases force their bodies into an outline way before their skeletons have matured

Equine Head to Tail 23 September 2019


Over Rugging

I know I’ve been guilty of rugging, but have seen a rise in everyone’s horses being rugged all the time, fly sheets,summer sheets, light weights, medium, hoods, no hoods the list goes on!

Remember just because everyone is doing it doesn’t mean you have to.  It’s the same with clipping......less is more.

This year I have made the decision to do what’s right for the horse not me. Still living out 24/7 and looking healthy!

Horse and Hounds September 2017


We had an amazing day barrelling at “ 4 Strides” and received some lovely words from Mark Fettes!! 

“This time last month I wrote about the superhero transformation of this young lady and I’m sure if she was one of Stan "The Man" Lee's creations then she would undoubtable be Massage Girl (since Wonder Woman was already taken and in that shade of shirt she could hardly be The Invisible Girl!).

Recently, Laura launched her new business venture which - as it says on the shirt - offers an equine sports massage service. What it doesn't say - and I think I'm right in saying - is she offers a special service to participants at 4 Strides events. Whether that extends to equestrians I'm not entirely sure but if it includes equestrian photographers then you can all form an orderly line behind ME!”

Level Gaits - Equine Sports Massage, Relaxation & Rehabilitation Thanks Mark for the lovely words. I do offer a post competition massage, remember barrel turning is a fast and dynamic so help your horse recover quickly. This is open to all locations with prior booking! Also remember to quote “4 Strides” when booking. 


Regular massage for the horses at 4 Strides. 

Barrel racing is a fast and dynamic sport, but keeping the horses muscles soft and supple is key, so routine slots are given to help prevent injury and ensure they can engage to their full abilities.

Fendi had her hindquarters worked as her quads, hamstrings were tight and she was not keen to stretch out.

Lottie continued her desensitisation as me applying pressure to tight muscles is still a new feeling.......but the release and relaxation was great.

Ruby work on her shoulder and she is now sound but a little short......so fingers crossed she will be fit to run barrels shortly.

As my nana always said “prevention is better than cure” 


What Level Gaits can do for your horse 

It’s been a busy week so far, meeting Ruby and Billy.......Ruby was a straight forward massage, ensuring everything was how it is meant to be. Lovely to meet a mare who didn’t mind and even do I dare say enjoyed her pecks being jostled and shaken.

Billy is recovering from a leg injury so spent time ensure he was straight and not compensating! He enjoyed himself and having at the vets thumbs up , farrier and me......he is going back in work. 


House and Hound 2017 

House and Hound 2017 – Article by Equine massage therapist on how massage can improve and maintain your horse’s performance, from increased flexibility to relieving poll tension 

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