Laura’s journey to Equine Sports Massage

My love of horses is my great passion. I have always been around horses. As I child I would happily set off on bike on a Saturday morning to return at tea time covered in hay, straw and anything else!

I am an Equine Sport Science graduate and also a qualified Equine Sport Massage Therapist.

I am a Proessional member of  IAAMB (read more here)  and continue the learning to ensure I can give the best service

After many years of project horses and being dumped regularly, I purchased a 16.1 French Trotter, Monte. He was my pride and joy, until he passed away at 18 years of age. He was an amazing horse though he was rather grumpy. 


I was on the look for a new horse. I came across Ringa, an OTTB, he melted my heart and all my sensible thoughts of getting a Cob went out the window.
He has been with me the last 3 years while I retrained him.

He may not take me eventing like I had planned but he has opened my eyes to another world of equestrianism, barrel racing!

Why Level Gaits? Due to Ringa’s rehabilitation plan various professional’s tried to help & guide as I was not happy with his progress, with little success.

So I dug into research and found massage techniques, which proved to be the right direction. The results spoke for themselves.

I wanted to help other people in similar situations so I studied and become a qualified equine sport massage therapist. Ringa one of the many case studies, is a much better horse for the regular massages, improving his muscle tone and range of motions, which has turned him into “A Happy Horse”.


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