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Laura was absolutely fantastic with my two TB’s. She took the time to really get to understand my boys personalities as well as their bodies. She didn’t push either of them on areas that were clearly sore spots that made them a bit stressed. She steadily worked up to them being comfortable letting her work on that area ensuring they didn’t get stressed out and it was a positive memory for them. It was so nice to see my boys so comfortable and relaxed! With my bay even leading her to an area he wanted working on, this was amazing to see the understanding on Laura’s behalf of what he was trying to tell her!!!
I could not recommend Laura enough, not only was she fantastic with the horses she is also a lovely person that instantly makes you feel comfortable and like you’ve known her for years. It’s very refreshing to come across such a passionate professional that cares so much about what she does! 

Caitlyn Lindley

My 3 stunning boys after thier massages this morning. All looking amazing and loving life. Thanks to Laura from Level Gaits for your continues work with them.

Claire Bentley

Thank you so much Laura at Level Gaits - Equine Sports Massage, Relaxation & Rehabilitation for treating 3 of our Horses today i can’t wait to watch how much they improve in performance after this! You were great with them all and I can’t wait to see you again soon! 

Kara Arnold Equine 

Highly recommended.

Laura is a lovely lady, very approachable.

The difference in my horse after treatment was unbelievable.. so relaxed and loose. 

Susi Marguerite

Highly recommended.

Laura is a lovely lady, very approachable.

The difference in my horse after treatment was unbelievable.. so relaxed and loose. 

Susi Marguerite

Massive thank you to Laura Davies from level gaits for coming and massaging our ponies yesterday. She always does a fantastic job with them all and they come out feeling amazing 💫


This time last month I wrote about the superhero transformation of this young lady and I’m sure if she was one of Stan "The Man" Lee's creations then she would undoubtable be Massage Girl (since Wonder Woman was already taken and in that shade of shirt she could hardly be The Invisible Girl!).

Recently, Laura launched her new business venture which - as it says on the shirt - offers an equine sports massage service. What it doesn't say - and I think I'm right in saying - is she offers a special service to participants at 4 Strides events. Whether that extends to equestrians I'm not entirely sure but if it includes equestrian photographers then you can all form an orderly line behind ME!” 

Mark Fettes

I can thoroughly recommend Laura.

She is fantastic with the horses. You could visually see them relax and the tension flow out.

Henry Browne

Todd has just had his first session with Laura, and I can honestly say I've never seen my boy so relaxed - he really did enjoy it.

We have found the problem and so looking forward to the next massage session. Laura talked me though what she was doing and why, so that I knew what was going on.

I would definitely recommend Laura for your horse as she is very friendly and helpful. Thank you Laura for your help today, much appreciated 

Rachel Marshall

Highly recommend Laura.. she came to my boy and he loved it.

Very professional service and answers all my questions.

Both my horse and I felt at ease with Laura.. thank you so much. 

Claire Bentley

Would highly recommend anyone see you soon.

What am amazing person this lady is. She came out today to take a look at my horse and she was fab, talked me through everything and really explained what was up with my horse.

After spending an hour with her magic hands I could just see the relief she had given my horse could not of been happier. So thank you so much. 

Cjc Nails

Highly Recommend, very thorough and professional service.

Found all the problem spots and did a great job at getting rid of those knots.

And to top it off my horse loved it!

Jodie Goldstraw

A very professional service from Laura.

Worked well with my stubborn cob and gave him all the patience that he needed to be able to work on him.

Great service would Luara recommend to anybody who needing her services. 

Ellie Bates 

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