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 The long asked question “can you do me, after your done with my horse”

 “Yes we can!”

Level Gaits is proud to announce we now offer,  alongside the amazing Quantum Sports Massage, a package for ypou and your horse, all for just £70!!

Level Gaits for your horse 

Level Gaits for your horse
Hour and half session
The benefits of massage in horses are the following
*Increase range in movement
*reduced muscle tension/spasms
* greater flexibility and range of movement
*reduces stress
* improved posture, circulation, hair/coat and muscle tone
* reduce fatigue
* help prevent injury
Veterinary permission will always be sought first, then a full static & dynamic assessment of the horse is taken prior to treatment.
I am fully qualified and insured, and registered with the IAAT, and offer a friendly and professional service open to all equines - big or small, old or young, ridden. As Happy horses begin with Level Gaits  

Quantum for the rider 

Quantum for the rider
Benefits of massage:
- reduce pain
- improve range of motion and mobility
- encourage healing from injuries
- injury prevention
- improved mood
- reduce tension
Appointments will involve a thorough consultation and assessment to identify any particular issues. The best course of treatment will then be discussed which can include massage, dry cupping, exercise based rehabilitation or stretching. Aftercare advice is also given to help following treatment.
I am fully qualified and insured to treat a variety of conditions and I am in affiliation with the STA.

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